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Think New Generation PVC Insulated Wires from India's No 1 Player in Electricals

Come...take a look from every way.

...Simply World Class

Right, Anchor PVC Insulated Wires. Admittedly, India's World class. Backed by time tested experience, expertise and excellence simply un-rivaled in the field. It is equipped with the new generation micro-processor controlled machinery and control system. Ruthless quality checks and tests at every stage of production ensures the excellent grade of the product. All along. Right although. Again, only in-house manufactured, flexible grade PVC compound is chosen. Meticulously checked for high di-electric strength with high insulation resistance constant plus "high thermal stability" and "minimal loss of mass" and "thermal ageing characteristics". 

The result, a safe and longer lasting insulation. Of course, only the latest state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing techniques are employed. Direct current driven and controlled extrusion process enables a lump free smooth cable surface with remarkable uniformity.. and no appreciable diameter variation. Anchor team ensures best of the processing, adopt latest engineering techniques, employ the world class tools and deploy newest technologies. In fact every division in our plant makes sure that each component is assessed and processed and finally assembled and marked with the Anchor hallmark of repute.

ANCHOR PVC INSULATED WIRES ... Spell total safety through total performance Let the life flow through the domestic circuitry. Electrifying decor safely yet efficiently. If is matter of critical balance and performance when high current races through hundreds of volts pressure. Whether in a residential flat, departmental store, 5 - star hotel, modern office, trading center, commercial bank, shopping plaza, library or cinema theater... Dream your decor ideas big. Yet don't forget the humble PVC Wire that connects it all. Give a careful thought to it.....Think Anchor.

BUNCHING/TWISTING PROCESS ... ensures more  flexibility greater manageability of the cables exclusive feature Interwoven together through bunching or twisting, Anchor PVC Insulated Wires are a well-groomed lot. These twisted strands make for the disciplined lot, bheaving well in union. Acting as one unfilled entity, they acquire enhanced flexibility of the combined individual strands pleated together, thus imparting greater cohesiveness and making them more user friendly. No wonder, Anchor PVC Insulated Wire are more Pliable, more Manageable, with higher Work efficiency.

ON-LINE SELF CENTERING CROSS HEAD... ensures concentricity of insulation Self centering Cross Head ensures precision wire centering with perfect concentric insulation over conductor simply unmatched by conventional manual adjustments...right from the moment the process starts. Extrusion tooling includes high-precision wire tips and nozzles with carbide inserts, making it more durable, besides getting smooth surface insulation.

ON-LINE SPARK TESTER... ensures against short circuits Vigilantly tests & inspects cable insulation during extrusion itself and performs non-destructive integrity testing on all types of insulated cables. Scrupulously detects any pin holes, cuts, slits, bare patches in the insulation. Make sure that the voltage displayed is actually voltage applied...accurately, consistently to cable surface.

3-DIMENSIONAL TAMPER-PROOF HOLOGRAM... ensures what you are buying is genuine Anchor Insulated PVC Wires It is your guarantee against pilferage and counterfeiting. You are sure with this unique 3-D tamper-proof hologram every time. Appropriately marked with two visual layers. On the upper layer glows the legendary Anchor monogram & on the second layer 'Anchor' & 'Genuine' letterings in alternate order. The ultimate in tamper-proof holographic endorsement.

ON-LINE LASER DIAMETER INDICATOR AND CONTROLLER... ensures cable diameter within closest tolerances Backed by unique optical design coupled with stringent attention to materials and assembly, Anchor employs this new generation laser scanning diameter gauge to provide accurate diameter measurements, up to 0.001mm with +0.02% tolerances. Thus ensuring continuous and automatic monitoring of cable diameter within stringently close limits. This is Anchor QC in action.

NON-CONTACT INK-JET PRINTER ensures continuous print throughout the cable length So efficient, this high speed imported Ink-Jet Printer delivers multiline codes with single print-head lightning velocity. Attaining production lilne speed of more than 300 meters per minute. While micro processor based control system accurately measures every meter, up to 90 meter stretch of wire length and prints on the cable surface with high quality imprint. All with almost no supervision.

AUTOMATIC COILING MACHINE... ensures the exact length coming to our customer Incorporating electronic length counter with auto-cutoffs, the coiling machine further cross-checks and double-checks the precise length and slashes off each coil measuring exactly 90 meters length. Ready for the customer. You see, we want to be absolutely sure.

Introducing Anchor Fireguard the Flame Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS)
PVC insulated wire; A technological breakthrough that ensures extra safety. Firstly, Anchor Fireguard resist combustion up to 32% oxygen level in the air unlike normal PVC wires which combust at 23% oxygen level. Secondly Anchor Fireguard gives out minimum black smoke ensuring visibility for rescue and fire fighting operations plus low emission of toxic and corrosive gases prevent harmful effect on people and property. Thus Anchor Fireguard becomes an added insurance against short circuits. A 100% fire insurance for your HOME.

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